In this year’s annual bid, the Kosovo Cinematography Center (KCC) is supporting 16 films, including seven feature films, such as "The Flying Circus", written and directed by Fatos Berisha and produced by Vjosa Berisha; "The Hive", written and directed by Blerta Basholli, produced by Yll Uka; "Zana", written and directed by Antoneta Kastrati, produced by Casey Cooper Johnson; and "Skype", written and directed by Isa Qosja (known for his feature Three Windows and a Hanging and produced by Bajrush Kajtazi.

In the minority co-production category, the KCC will be supporting the following three films: "Open Door" by Albania’s Florenc Papas; "The Vanished", written and directed by Albanian’s Arben Thachi; and the film project "Delegation", written by Artan Minarolli and directed by Bujar Alimani, known for his latest feature, Chromium, which is Albania’s contender for the Oscars.

Four short films are being supported in this year’s call, including "One Month", written and directed by Zgjim Terziqi; "Lëmsh" ("Yarn"), written and directed by Lendita Zeqiraj (well known for her short film "Balcony"); "Drita", written by Armend Smajli and directed by Rita Krasniqi; and the film project "Vozitësi", written by Jeton Kulinxha and directed by Valter Lucaj.

Furthermore, the KCC has supported one feature documentary, "Çka e vrau arkitektin?" by Mathieu Jouffre and produced by Besa Luci (also known for their latest documentary, "Drums of Resistance"), plus three short documentaries: "Kosova Brothers", a documentary by Samir Karahoda; "Shpresa" by Vjosa Abazi Kastrati; and "Rrugëtimi prej Kampioni", written by Arton Humolli and directed by Kushtrim Kadriu.

In addition, the KCC has supported one animated film, entitled "Magneti", written by Mjellmë Doli and directed by Arvan Berisha.

The evaluation jury members for the feature films included Danijel HocevarElma TataragicArian KrasniqiZymber KelmendiVisar Morina, Artur Tahiraj and Alban Ukaj, whereas the evaluation jury for short films, documentaries, script development and animated films included Agron Vula, Arben Bajraktaraj, Imer Mushkolaj, Kaltrina Krasniqi, Arzana Kraja, Bujar Luma and Ramadan Musliu.